Thursday, July 13, 2017

PROMO // Rudi Simon feat Nika Syva - Zero Gravity

Artist: Rudi Simon featuring Nika Syva
Track: Zero Gravity

Rudi Simon Hoppe (Rudi Simon for short) was born and grew up in a small mining town in Botswana, went to university in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to the UK in 2004.

Music career

Rudi DJ’ed in London in the late 2000s (claim to fame: has played at Fabric) but is a relative newcomer to production, releasing his first single in 2014, “Honest About It” a downtempo vocal house track featuring US vocalist Porter Shields. The track made it onto radio and was followed up by the more ambitious single “Slipping Away”, a duet featuring Vince Freeman (The Voice season 1) and Nika Syva executed in three styles: house, pop and acoustic. The experience gained led to the more intricate production work on “Zero Gravity” (March 2017), another collaboration with vocalist Nika Syva which has gained traction in the UK, making it onto radio stations around the country as well as racking up several thousand plays on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Upcoming work

A 4th vocal house single is due out later in 2017 and Rudi is working on an EP of acoustic songs to be released under another name.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Double Impact Dj - Techno LP

Noize Cartel Records artists ‘Double Impact DJ’ is set to release their first LP titled ‘Techno’ set for worldwide distribution on 16 June 2017.  ‘Techno’ comes in a bundle of 15 unique singles and 2 bonus tracks that will result in ‘hands in the air’ emotions at festivals as well as some ecstatic moments in nightclubs.

‘Double Impact’ decided very early that they would like to spice their sets up – instead of using the tracks, most other DJs were playing. Therefore, they started producing their very first tracks in their favoured genre of House (Deep, Tech, Techno). ‘Double Impact’ published some of their remixes and more commercially oriented productions, even released a few of them with great success (three #1 hits in a row in 2016) - however they never thought of releasing their underground tracks. But then, the clubbers started asking for the tracks they were playing since they couldn’t ‘shazam’ it during their.
This was the ignition for the first full LP of ‘Double Impact’. They took a couple of their preferred productions and gave them a re-work. At the very same time, ‘Double Impact’ followed with great interest and gladness, that Tech-House and Techno exited the nightclubs, getting more and more airtime at festivals and day-clubs. Therefore, ‘Double Impact’ started producing tracks that are crossovers of classic Tech-House/Techno, enriched with elements taken from festival-genres of Big-Room, Electro and Massive Bass.
It was ‘Double Impact’s’ aim to produce a sound that is unique, striking, memorable, close to its roots and ‘filling the air’. They came up with a LP containing some real festival-bangers as well as some intense underground tracks.

‘Techno’ follows the artists’ previous number 1 hits ‘Voodoo Girl’, ‘Elevate Me’ and ‘Looking for A Kiss’, all released at Noize Cartel Records in 2016, as well as their single titled ‘Collider’, which reached number 2 in the charts! Double Impact set their focus internationally after their single with Tori Adams titled ‘Sugarpixie’ made the top 10% out of 18,000 nominations in the 2014 International Song writing Competition (ISC). The Duo’s international exposure led them to collaborations with Grammy winner Judge Earle Holder, Gold & Platinum record producer Jerry Ropero and Jed Rex, as well as completed remixes for the likes of Tritonal & Paris Blohm and SNKNGL. Teamed with Noize Cartel Records and their successful progression of releases since 2015, ‘Techno’ is expected to follow the standard for quality music releases in 2017.

You can preview their album here:

1.    One
2.    Daphne's Diary
3.    Wolferine
4.    Talk Back
5.    Haunted House
6.    Astronaut
7.    Monster Flame
8.    Blink
9.    Ozman
10. Balearic Wave
11. Trippin
12. Underground Dance
13. Copper Plater
14. Valley of Fire
15. Dirty Mind
Bonus Track: Nibor

Bonus Track: Red Chair

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Double Impact Online

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

PROMO // Lina Fouro - Bang Bang Baby

The Canadian Electronic/Pop sensation known as Lina Fouro (L4O) has released her New Dance Crossover Single 'Bang Bang Baby' to Rave Critical Music Reviews and Fan Reviews. 'Bang Bang Baby' is a sensational romantic dance track which portrays Lina's sensual and powerful melodic vocals over the groovy instruments which empowers this track to nothing short than amazing.
EDM Nations writer put it this way 'With no doubt, those incredible vocals are the highlight of the track, but being mixed with the powerful groove, housy vibes, pounding rhythm and catchy beats, this tune delivers a sensational piece of dance music.'The electronic overtones, fused with Lina's unique and alluring singing along with the rhythmic timing of the synths and ear catching chorus, makes 'Bang Bang Baby' fitting for night drives through the city, hanging with your friends, or simply laid back with your iPod.
Bang Bang Baby has made the Top 10 of the European Independent Charts for over 13 weeks and Peaked at Number 3.
Lina's Bang Bang Baby will make fans long for more of this irresistible candy coated love Dance Tune. Buddy Nelson of Jamsphere Magazine stated 'There are some voices that just grab hold of you the moment you first hear them. Lina's breathy and sexy delivery easily falls into that category 'it light, its silky, it's smooth, and sharp enough to cut like a razor blade. The result is irresistible crossover Pop-EDM, and a killer hook, perfectly produced.'

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Send Your Demo To Hundreds Of Labels At ONCE

Submitting demos to record labels one by one sounds like a waste of time.

Scouring the Internet for all those label email addresses is about as tedious as isolating that one out of place frequency in the mix. 

Enter, Write Rhythm: a group of electronic music producers, label owners and web developers who got so tired of the problems in the demo submission process we decided to do something about it.

Using our service grants you access to custom, beautifully organized submission templates so your demo is always complete and easy to read. Once you’ve created your profile, you can send your demo to all the relevant record labels in our database with one click. We work with more than 350 labels across 90 sub genres of electronic music.

With the right production skills at hand, you might spark the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Write to the right labels.

Write Rhythm.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

PROMO // Leterna - Fusion EP

This Canadian duo is making a name for themselves in a hurry. Their roots are in progressive house drawing inspiration from artists like deadmau5, Kaskade and Adam K, but lately they have started to explore other genres and are finding a large amount of success by fusing that old school progressive feel with heavy bass lines to create tracks like 'Elements' and 'Fusion'. There's lots in store for Leterna in the near future so be sure to follow along for the ride!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Groover - Show Me

Italian superstar producer and vocalist, The Groover aka Davy Floris debuts on Club Restricted Records with a groovy vocal house track! 
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


After some massive releases on Moon Records and Pop Rox Records, #Bootybusters debut on Club Restricted Records with an EDM anthem! 
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

PROMO // Bebe Rexha - I Got You (Morello Twins Remix)

The Morello Twins are back with a new feel good future house
remix of Bebe Rexha's hitsong 'I Got You'
Listen here:


MORELLO TWINS are Remco and Ivo Lemmerlijn. Twin brothers; 23 years and born on Dutch soil. It's the magic from these young deejays/producers that is the future sound of EDM. With performances from Amsterdam to New York and from Dubai to New Delhi MORELLO TWINS are becoming hot EDM property. With a lot of original releases and collabs coming up its undeniable that the sky is the limit.One of their remixes got noticed and was broadcasted at XITE-TV in Belgium, Germany and Holland using live club-footage of one of MORELLO TWINS performances. As a result their social media channels got an instant boost. In the DJ department MORELLO TWINS are quite busy too. They had gigs at At the Villa Group, Castle of Love, Essential Festival, Fantasyland Festival, Sexed Up, Summer Open Air, Sonic Festival, Zo. Festival (WISH Events) and many more.MORELLO TWINS are very well on the way of becoming hot EDM property!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

PROMO // Dave Mladi - Rebolado No Chao feat Danielle Souza

Irish International DJ & Producer Dave Mladi

Signed To Queen House Music / Skye Energy Records / Club Restricted Records.

Signed to Club Restricted Records, his first release "Utopia" was released in February 2016. It has been featured on eight mix compilations. His second release "Acapulco" was released in April 2016 on SKYE Energy Records. It has received support from DJs such as Tom Stephan, Erick Ibiza and Glaucio Duarte and it has been featured on two mix compilations.
Signed to DJ GSP's record label Queen House Music, Dave Mladi's third release "Stronger Than Cocaine" was released on 3rd June 2016. It has been featured on Queen Summer Breeze mix compilation compiled by DJ GSP.
He has also built a collection of innovative and unique mashups sampling mainstream artists and house legends which are getting support from DJ's all over the world. He is followed by famous DJs within the Tribal/Progressive House music scene.

Dave Mladi plays his own brand of Progressive Tribal House with nice Euphoric breakdowns and good quality vocals. Mladi likes to play around with different styles in his sets to keep things fresh and interesting! He is a resident DJ at Euphoria Dublin and has played for many of the top club nights in Dublin in the tribal/progressive house music scene. He has played in Brazil in 2016 and 2017 where he has a loyal fanbase.

Since Mladi started playing House music he has had the pleasure of DJing with International House artist, Beth Sacks of DJ Aron Productions and famous DJs such as La Demance Resident Andrei Stan, Patrick Sandim, Rick Braile, Circuit Festival Resident Ana Paula and We Party Madrid/Circuit Festival resident DJ Bonomio!Dave Mladi's fourth release Rebolado No Chao which is a Tribal Progressive House production, with elements of trance and house will be released on Queen House Music Records in February 2017

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UNES T & Elodia - Live Your Life

After her top charted debut on Club Restricted Records, Elodia returns with a massive big room vocal house produced by talented UNES T, who has released tracks on CLUBTRXX, Pop Rox Muzik, N&R Records etc. 
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

PROMO // Erick Blu - Electric

Erick Blu Goes 'Electric' with Latest Release!
New EP Out Now !

Woodbury, New York - January 23, 2017 - Like a good life, a great album should be well-rounded and that is exactly what Erick Blu has delivered on his
2017 release, Electric!
Blu's interest in music really got a jump start after his father gifted him a guitar several years ago on his twelfth birthday. After learning Enrique Iglesias' 'Hero' he knew his path was set.
Now an award-winning 19-year-old pop sensation who has shared the stage with Hoobastank and Indian rapper Borkung Hrangkhawl, Blu has played around the world and then some. A feat not easily reached by artists who are twice his age!
Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars, Blu's sound is a fine combination of pop, dance and electronic.
BBC Radio 1 said of his upcoming releases initial single,First out
on the EP, 'Reach the Stars' is an upbeat dance anthem with a melodic hook that really sticks! 'California Luv' is a strong, EDM infused pop number with a smart dynamic production. Lastly, with a big sound and electronica flavoured production, 'Victorious' is a fresh EDM ballad - a perfect track to finish up this stand-out EP!
Once Electric is out, listeners can expect to find him on tour this summer. He'll also be hitting stages around the world including at The NH7 in India, and the Amsterdam Dance Event. Fans of Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga are advised to check out Erick Blu's Electric!

Erick Blu is a 19-year-old pop singer who has shared the stage with some of the most notable names in music, playing to crowds well over 20,000. All of which are instant fans of his pop music that fuses together the best of electronic and dance, which can be found on his latest EP "Electronic".

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Reach The Stars
California Luv (Explicit)
Something I Want (More than 145.000 views on VEVO)

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

PROMO // Dj Dimco - In The Night

DJ DIMCO - aka Dimitris Costantinou is a half German half Cypriot music producer. He had an Interested in music since the early age of 12.It wasnt until 2000, when he started working as a resident dj in many clubs in Cyprus.  He is currently a member of COME N CY productions, a renown event organizing company in cyprus. His first EP 'Creations' which listed 3 tracks, was produced in collaboration with VoiceBox studios and featured Melanie Louise Symeou's vocals.
He is now presenting to you one of his latest releases on IceBox records, called "In The Night", a collab with Jessica Winky Campbell. In The Night is all about those sweet vocals and uplifitng progressive/trance vibes. 

Keep an eye on this guy. More songs and remixes to come in the future.

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Take This Higher (Single)

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Monday, January 30, 2017

PROMO // TooManyLeftHands - Cold heart

TooManyLeftHands has quickly attracted attention, both in Denmark, but also out and about in Europe. They have played alongside names such as Axwell, Hardwell, Tiesto, Steve Angello, Avicii, David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Mark Knight, Dirty South , Sidney Samson, Fedde Le Grand, Martin Solveig and many other international DJs. 

With gigs all over Europe, including England, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway and Turkey, in places like Blue Marlin Ibiza, and the world famous Cafe Mambo in Ibiza. In addition, the duo has played for virtually all major electronic events that are worth mentioning on Danish soil! Amongst others, the festivals EDM CPH, Sensation Denmark, Avicii Levels World Tour, T4keover, RAW-CPH, David Guetta F *** Me Im Famous World Tour, Danish DJ Award, Ministry Of Sound, EDM CPH festival, I Am, Cph Finst and Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

TooManyLeftHands have permanent residency in Copenhagen two most hyped clubs (Simons Copenhagen and Hive) where the duo is known for their "infamous closing sets"

Danish Deejay Of The Year 2015
Clubact Of The Year 2015

Check out their music video for Cold Heart. It has already reached more than 230.000 Views.

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Friday, January 13, 2017


Its that time of the year again! Here we go with our annual compilation for this year. We have also carefully selected some powerful tracks from our partner labels. These tracks are all you need for your End of The Year parties!
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Collain & Scott Lukes - Welcome

Collain is Club Restricted Records' golden boy. He is now collabing with up and coming Scott Lukes and the result is a massive radio hit.

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Zeven & Shah - Believe

Young producers from India debut on Club Restricted Records with a massive progressive house track.

Demos & Licensing:

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Jaytex & Elodia - A Letter To The Stars

JayteX debuts on Club Restricted Records with a massive progressive house track, featuring Elodia's mellow vocals.
Demos & Licensing:
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