Thursday, June 8, 2017

Send Your Demo To Hundreds Of Labels At ONCE

Submitting demos to record labels one by one sounds like a waste of time.

Scouring the Internet for all those label email addresses is about as tedious as isolating that one out of place frequency in the mix. 

Enter, Write Rhythm: a group of electronic music producers, label owners and web developers who got so tired of the problems in the demo submission process we decided to do something about it.

Using our service grants you access to custom, beautifully organized submission templates so your demo is always complete and easy to read. Once you’ve created your profile, you can send your demo to all the relevant record labels in our database with one click. We work with more than 350 labels across 90 sub genres of electronic music.

With the right production skills at hand, you might spark the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Write to the right labels.

Write Rhythm.

Send Your Demo Now

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