Sunday, October 21, 2018

Loner Lewis - For The Love


Loner Lewis, an up-and-coming American hip hop artist creating a sound that is regarded as a “breath of fresh air” for the hip hop enthusiast passionate about musical production today, this we officially released his latest single, Breathe, from his first artist’s album: Midnight Loner. Now available for listening on major music distribution platforms and blogs, Loner is ready to be the summer soundtrack for listeners countrywide.

Borne from a passion for producing, writing, and performing hip hop music that is a deviation from the norm today, Loner, together with his producer, Loner Feaux, has created a hip hop entity, LonerEra, that’s being mentioned on radio channels across the country.
“I’m passionate about mixing things up and providing listeners with a different kind of sound than they expect today,” said Loner. “That, coupled with my undoubted passion for musical cultivation, is what drove me to pen and complete my latest single, For The Love.”
For The Love Addresses Loners Take On What Social Media Has Done To HipHop Music. He’s often applauded for being a Different sound, to which he credits just creating the music from his heart , instead of what’s Trending online.  
Loner Lewis  Music is Available on all Major Music Platforms, 
“I am incredibly excited for listener’s feedback after sitting down and experiencing my latest single,” said Loner. “Spread the word on its availability, as well as the availability of my first album, and head on over to my website today to follow my musical performances on social media.”

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Vovich Remix Contest

Happy to announce our latest remix contest for one of our best selling releases, Don't Break My Heart by V O V I C H featuring Sexy Girl.

1st place will get: 200 $ Prize
Official Release on Club Restricted Records
Free Music Promotion on our music database (worth more than 200 Euros) 
Blog feature on
2nd and 3rd place will get:
Official Release on Club Restricted Records
Free Music Promotion on our music database (worth more than 200 Euros)
Blog feature on
What you need to do. Download all the stems, make your own version of the song, upload it publicly on your soundcloud account and send the link to (make sure you put Remix Contest as a subject). Share your remix on your social media accounts. The more plays, the better  Looking forward to hearing your touch of the song. 
Remix Competition ends on November 11th

Link for the stems:

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Leisure Music Productions - Hot Cat

The track is a journey of a "hot cat" going astray on a "hot tin roof":) The song pays tribute to the Pulitzer Prize winning play of Tennessee Williams. Moog sounds, various baselines, saxophone call and response elements as well as a melodic beat and drum section make this track into a groovy and upbeat experience.

Leisure Music Productions is an independent music label based in Vienna Austria, interested in reaching people around the world to bring them the best quality sound. Experienced in all kinds of music genres, the founders of Leisure Music share with you their love for deep and progressive house, electro and dance. Connecting with lots of love the ability to dance "BEAT" and the deep understanding of "MELODY" we offer you a broad spectrum of intelligent, universal and profound music. Just enjoy!

Buy now on iTunes, Beatport

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Tueazee - I Know

There are many hip-hop performers, but hip-hop innovators can be a bit more difficult to find.  The good news in Indiana-based J Tizzle Muzic are doing their best to help, recently announcing they have signed Augusta, Georgia's breakthrough group Tueazee to their growing independent label.  Mixing an old and new-school aesthetic Tueazee have been winning huge praise from both fans and music media, and the anticipation surrounding the release of their new single on J Tizzle Muzic, scheduled to drop July 10th, with pre-orders available starting on June 22nd, is high.  Expect Tueazee to live up to the “outside of the box” Georgia hip-hop tradition.

“Tueazee is the modern day Outkast,” commented J Tizzle, head of J Tizzle Muzic LLC. “I know these guys are special, and they can bring in fans that are both hardcore hip-hop lovers and people who just appreciate great music period.”

The single “I Know” will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and other major digital music outlets.

Tueazee have been winning praise for their mix of originality and glimpses in their songs of their classic influences from artists like Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Common, and J Cole.  The golden age blended with the present in Tueazee may just represent the real future of hardcore hip-hop.

Fans certainly agree.

Michelle S., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “My boyfriend and I have had Tueazee on play constantly since one of our good friends from Georgia put us on them.  It's great to hear they have signed a deal and that is sure to make more people aware of the amazing songs they are dropping.”

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

FlyNeverDies - Make Me Happy

FlyNeverDies, an alternative-pop band announces their first single “Make Me Happy” featuring lyricist and vocalist musician Jean Grae, 

 CoolhandTrew and Eric Haywood, the sensational duo of the band ‘FlyNeverDies’ have launched their first single ‘Make Me Happy’ on This much-anticipated song has been making rounds on the internet and has been gaining momentum among the underground hip-hop circles.
‘Make me Happy” is an exclusive song, bringing to life a sensational electronic music featuring an exclusive collaboration with vocal powerhouse Jean Grae- the melodious lyricist whose voice has been sweeping fans off their feet for years now.

Having known Jean Grae from the times of former CMJ shows and events, Haywood and Trew have always admired Jean and were honored to finally team up with someone of her caliber for their first single.

Ever since the band’s inception in 2007, the FlyNeverDies duo Haywood and Trew have been working towards creating a musical blend with a fusion of hip-hop vocals, rock guitar, retro vibes and pop. Growing past the general categorization of genres, the band continues to grow by exploring the artistic freedom in alternative-pop.

Over the years, the band has shared stage with renowned personalities like Ski Beatz, Nottz, Wordsworth, and Camp Lo, and have gained a momentous success in the underground music circles and groups.

In the year 2011, Haywwod and Trew also worked on a versatile music genre through the album "The Incredible Fantastic. For this album they worked with the renowned artist Casey Shea who assisted them through the creation of each track along with an award-winning engineer Andy Baldwin in order to bring out the best in each track. Having learnt the craft from some of the best people in the business, the album formed the foundation for what further became “FlyNeverDies”.

The single track is readily available on Spotify through the following link:

Contact info:

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

TELYKast (feat. Rachel Raquel) - Summertime (Festival Mix)

TELYKast’s new remix of their track ‘Summertime’ is the ultimate festival jam, with an upbeat and joyful vibe to it. Featured by the singer and songwriter Rachel Raquel, who has a voice that sounds like a velvety touch and a warm breeze, the song is the ultimate soundtrack to those late night road trips and chilled out evenings. The tune is inspired by Los Angeles - both its ups and downs.
“‘Summertime’ is about moving to L.A. and getting lost in the skyline. It’s easy to be swept away by the beauty of it all. The track is about the magic to it, but it’s also about the pitfalls that easily happen, and about the parts of the city life that are often forgotten when a city is heavily romanticized” TELYKast says about their new single.

Living together in a house in Los Angeles where they have rebuilt their bedrooms into professional recording studios - TELYKast is a trio literally living, sleeping and breathing music. Constantly in a creative mindstate, they create high energy pop exclusively made with organic instruments. The hyped group has sold out every live show that they’ve played, and with an iconic and innovative live setup consisting of a DJ, a guitarist, and a vocalist - the three musicians blend their various musical influences in a way that’s never been seen on the mainstage before.
“Everything in our recordings is organic and we live by the philosophy that we can create any sound without using synths. We really enjoy playing live and performing our unique mix of both DJing and playing live instruments simultaneously. With a mission to push the boundaries and shift the needle, we’re here to innovate the dance scene and change it up a bit” TELYKast says.
Consisting of Trevor who grew up in Los Angeles gigging with metal bands, Linus who grew up in Manhattan playing the jazz guitar, and Kyle from Dallas - who was inspired to start DJing when he went to Sweden and fell in love with dance music - TELYKast is a mixture of both geographical and musical backgrounds.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

SRJ - That Afterhours Feeling (Electro - Funk)

Dance music producer specialising in funky/electro/progressive house. Although classically trained (piano), passion for dance music started at an early age in the local discos tripping the light fantastic away.

Dig  into his Soundcloud account to discover his amazing music!

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Rudi Simon - Zero Gravity (Nalestar Remix)

Rudi Simon is proudly presenting Nalestar's remix of his latest single Zero Gravity! Nalestar has recently won Morgan Page’s remix competition. 
Vocals are by the beautiful & talented Nika Turkovic and the lyrics were co-written with Polly Scattergood

Stream it on Spotify
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Rudi grew up in Botswana and Cape Town, South Africa, before moving to the UK in 2004. He started producing computer-based music and writing songs as a teenager, but gave up the hobby in favour of a ‘real job’, while continuing to DJ (claim to fame: has played at Fabric and Heaven).
That changed in 2014 when an Ableton course in Hackney led to “Honest About It”, a jazzy, down-tempo vocal house track featuring US vocalist Porter Shields and Jack Painter (who subsequently rose to fame as Captain Ska with the Theresa May protest song ‘Liar Liar’) on trumpet. The release made it onto radio in the UK and was followed up by “Slipping Away”, a duet featuring Vince Freeman (The Voice, Season 1) and Nika Syva. Rudi’s bootleg remix of the Jess Glynne/Tinie Tempa track “Not Letting Go” found viral success on Soundcloud, racking up almost 300k plays to date. Rudi also makes his own music videos; the videos for “Just” (a remix of an acoustic pop track) and “Zero Gravity” can be found on his website

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Alex Iva - Tell Me

With more than a decade worth of experience and garnered talents, Alex Iva has paved a path of success tailored for worldwide recognition. His extensive knowledge of the industry and touring has allowed him to perform on tours throughout Europe, including Milan, Paris, Ibiza, Berlin, Barcelona, Moscow and more. Iva now teams up with Galagas for a warm, inviting and summer hit called 'Tell Me'.
Iva and Galagas begin 'Tell Me' with charming and powerful piano chords. It quickly moves into a fast paced drum and bass sounding rhythm with inviting vocals. The transition into the drop incites silence, an equally as powerful element within music. When the drop hits, its filled with Don Diablo sounding elements, including the stabbing piano chords and hard hitting percussive elements. Sit back and allow this track to tell you everything.

The music video has already got 300k views on YouTube & it's supported by many Channels/ TOP DJ’s and Playlisters around the world. It is being played on radios Worldwide and it is now actually promoted on a database of over 500k Radios / DJS / YouTube Channels & Blogs.

Official Website
Demos & Licensing:

Strong A.R.M. - “STRONGULATION 2”(Da EDM Remixes)

STRONG A.R.M. is the name that describes the 6'2", 200 plus pound Brooklyn native who is definitely taking on ALL HATERS! It's a perfect description of his overall attitude. This is one artist that believes anything goes when it comes to his music. He did not choose to do hardcore hip hop, hardcore hip hop chose him! It allows him to say what the hell he wants. Bringing it straight to the front line so your attention is caught and kept.Don't get STRONG A.R.M. wrong though, that is just one area of hip hop he is good at, he is versatile in all other areas as well.
STRONG A.R.M. is coming straight out of Brownsville,Brooklyn NYC! He has been going at it for years now, and he is not about to let anyone from his past, present, or future get in his way! He is self-motivated, and determined to continue until he accomplishes his dream. He has spent his entire career learning the business and perfecting his skills as an artist, writer, and producer.
After the “SUCCESS” of Strong A.R.M.’s debut project “THAT’S GANGSTA” which brought Strong A.R.M. not ONE but TWO #1’s on Starfleet Record Pool (#1 on the Indie Urban/Hip Hop/Latin Chart) & (#1 on the Urban/Hip Hop Chart), not to mention GREAT chart positions on the “Dance” and “Crossover” charts as well, and over 2,000,000 POSITIVE VOTES! Strong A.R.M. comes back at you with the next song on the same project entitled “BET’CHA DIDN’T KNOW” featuring Warren J. Gallimore. This song is a BLAST FROM THE PAST taking lyrics from the original “STRONGULATION” album and remixing it with a CRAZY HOT electronic dance tune which is what the final outcome will be for Strong A.R.M.’s NEW album entitled “STRONGULATION 2”(Da EDM Remixes)! Check out Strong A.R.M.’s new musical journey on itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, and  other digital music stores AROUND THE WORLD! Also check out STRONGULATION RADIO on JANGO These 2 tracks are heating up the airwaves WORLDWIDE!
Get these tracks on iTunes!

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Mec Rezarek - Unconditional

"Unconditional" Released June 24, 2018 by Mec Rezarek Ft Tone Jonez. It's a soulful positive hip hop vibe. With a wondering blend of soul that gem can be found on all major music network Itunes, Spotify, etc...
A first generation Canadian Caribbean, Mec spent his adolescent years in Queens NYC. Upon returning to Canada, his melody and passion for music brought him through various appearances including Carivibe 2017, Jam Day and Haitian en Fete. This led him in a direction of perseverance.
Mec Rezarek new single is gaining traction. The instrumental created by Tone Jonez is inspirational and the lyrics itself has substance. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this up and coming artist.
You can find more about Mec Rezarek at his website

Friday, August 10, 2018

B-Bless - King Of Hearts EP

B-Bless is a 2x Emmy award winner, and was co-signed by Snoop Dogg by being featured as the number one artist on Snoop's Underground Heat. If the movie " Coming to America" had a sequel, it would be based on this rapper's life. B-Bless was born and raised in Queens,NY and is a son of an African King. Hence naming his albums with Royal titles. Being a son of a King, B-Bless had tough to shoes to fill and has always been trying to find his own identity. B-Bless wants to prove everyone wrong about his decision about marching to the beat of his own drum! 

2x Emmy Award Winner B-Bless returns with his EP the King of Hearts. An audio movie about all the aspects of Love.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

PhilAhsophie - Reflections EP

PhilAhsophie is proudly presenting his 2nd EP "Reflections", now available on iTunes

ARTIST NAME: PhilAhsophie
EP TITLE: Reflections
RELEASE DATE: 14-May-2018
GENRE: Conscious Hip Hop 

Short bio of PhilAhsophie: 

I am PhilAhsophie, a recording artist.  I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri, but I live in Austin, TX. I started my career by performing Hip-hop at house parties and other venues around town. Later I began to record voice tracks.  My art form is comparable to inspirational rap-poetry - with music of course and can be therapeutic for some and motivational for others. I enjoy sharing my passion with the masses, and I don't do this for the limelight or to prove anything to anyone.  I sincerely enjoy articulating words that I have composed with the public. If people enjoy my music then I'm cool and it makes me very happy.  If not, hopefully my newest work, whatever it may be, may sway critics to enjoy what I do and to listen whole-heartedly to the words of my songs.  I am unique and I do not attempt to follow any trends.  I am simply authentic with my craft.  I can also say that my tracks would be more on the socially conscious side. I like to touch on different topics that everyday people can relate. I also aim to deliver positive vibes and uplifting messages. I just like to make music that anybody can enjoy hearing without any negative content that would mislead our youth. My music is for the soul and to enlighten.  Thank you for reading and be assured that more music will follow, and I DO appreciate your online support, Continue to enjoy or follow me as I hope to elevate my music to another level of enjoyment. Peace!

Aleexs - It's No Sweat

Aleexs is delivering some amazing future deep vibes all the way from Brazil!

Get it now on Beatport, iTunes or stream it on Spotify

Vovich - Don't Break My Heart

Vovich debuts on Club Restricted Records with an anthemic Future House song featuring Sexy Girl on vocals.
Demos and Licesing:

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Schaltkreis Wassermann - 2600noise

The new EP 2600noise by Schaltkreis Wassermann is out now! A new chapter in the 37 years history of Schaltkreis Wassermann has just been opened: for the first time since the early 80s the pioneer electronic music group has released some completely new tracks.

Up to now Schaltkreis Wassermann had been known and underground famous for their single „Sex is out, ich bin geklont“ (1981) and their cult album PSYCHOTRON(1982). Both and a plethora of other Schaltkreis tracks from the early 80s have been re-released on vinyl by Berlin based Private Records in the last few years. They also appeared on several compilations, like Cherry Red’s „Noise Reduction System: Formative European Electronica 1974-1984“. In June 2017 the album „Early 80s“ with previously unknown tracks has been released for streaming and download. Several Schaltkreis remixes have been created in the recent years by the Italian Cosmic legend Daniele Baldelli, by I-RobotsIn Flagranti, Toby Tobias, Vahagn and Additional Hardware. More remixes are in the pipeline!
And now there’s a new Schaltkreis EP called „2600noise“. Why this weird name? The ARP2600 is one of PJ Wassermann’s favorite synthesizers (the other one being the Prophet V), and the song „2600noise“ started its life as a noise sequence on the 2600, that’s why. 

1. Nonstop Electronic Music
2. 2600noise
3. Stoff
4. Oxygene

All the tracks on this EP have been recorded partly with the original Schaltkreis instruments
  • ARP 2600
  • ARP Avatar
  • Roland 100M
  • and Sequential Circuits Prophet 6 (as a replacement for the defective Prophet V)
but also with some state-of-the-art software synths and some software emulations of 80s synths like the Roland Jupiter 8. The drum sounds are mostly from the Roland TR808. „My aim was to create a fusion of our classic 80s sounds with the just as fascinating world of todays soft-synths and digital effects“, says PJ Wassermann. Occasionally he plays the guitar.

The two songs „Nonstop Electronic Music“ and „Oxygene“ (a cover of the Jean-Michel Jarre classic) feature vocal samples by Stella Wassermann who sadly died in 2011. The songs had been demoed around 2008 and then discontinued when Stella got ill. „After her death I couldn’t get myself to touch these songs, until now“ says PJ Wassermann „but now I’m very happy to hear Stella’s  beautiful and intriguing voice on a new Schaltkreis production. It’s an homage to the other half of Schaltkreis Wassermann.“

The third track on the EP, „Stoff“, has been co-produced by Alex Gloor of In Flagranti. He and PJ had become friends since Alex returned to Switzerland from New York around 2004 and urged the Wassermanns to re-release their Schaltkreis legacy. The vocal sample is by Albert Hofmann, the inventor of LSD, who’d been an occasional visitor to the Schaltkreis studio.

„Oxygene“, the last song on the EP, is an homage to Jean-Michel Jarre. „We had been listening to Jarre’s album all the time in the 70s“, says PJ Wassermann, „he was one of our electronic music heroes along with Kraftwerk and Steve Hillage. And of course Giorgio Moroder with ‚I feel Love‘.
[bandcamp width=350 height=588 album=1814332867 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]
„2600noise“ is available at 

Amazon and all other streaming and download sites.

If you like the music please „follow“ Schaltkreis Wassermann and give it hearts and likes - thanks! We need your help!

Published and owned by HyperMusic, Switzerland. 

Released April 2018. All rights reserved.

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Schaltkreis Wassermann is available for live performances.

Friday, June 22, 2018

SR.Gent - Long Road Album

Lester R. Smith (also known as SR.Gent) is an enthusiastic Entrepreneur, Artist, Songwriter, and proud Dad who dwells in Atlanta, Georgia. His unwavering love for music started early on. The unfortunate loss of his mom at age six, among various other youth adversities, led SR.Gent down a path of development for not only himself but his family too. He made a promise to strive to get an improved life day-to-day, which can be a guarantee he keeps to today. Nevertheless, he continues to be writing poetry because of the youthful age of thirteen, making the transition to the domain of music almost seamless. SR.Gent is well known for his depth of words, electrifying delivery, and one of a kind, attention-capturing tunes. While handling a record label and being a full-time dad are of primary focus, SR.Gent also attends the esteemed Berklee College of Music.

SR.Gent’s 2nd studio album “Long Road” is the follow up to his debut album “Canorous Camisado”, featuring a set of 14 tracks that embrace different influences accompanied with his special brand of energy and punch. The golden age of hip-hop can be found at the core of the artist’s vision, echoing the work of legendary artists the likes of Outkast, Eminem and 2Pac, just to mention a few.
The tracks on the album shed some light onto the insights, life stories and experiences of the artist, going for an incredibly personal and relatable feel.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jordana - Body

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jordana left home at an early age to pursue her dream of leaving her mark in the timeline of music history. 

Since settling in Dallas, TX she has collaborated with a number of producers including Geoff Rockwell and Grammy-Nominated Carmen Rizzo. In April of 2017 following the release of her electro-pop Record, ‘Lost + Found’, Jordana signed with Los Angeles based music publishing and licensing company, Lyric House. In just her first year with Lyric House she has seen several placements across different shows that run on MTV.

Over the last 18 months Jordana has been focused on a new project that has inspired a season of self discovery. Working with a new writing team consisting of Americana/Folk artist Austin Blair Campbell and Owner/Operator of The Hang Studios in Fort Worth TX, Ben Barnett, Jordana feels that she is on the cusp of HER sound. The flutter of a new love, the pain of inevitable heartbreak, and the strength within herself to face the world head on are the stories Jordana is beginning to reveal with a no filter approach.

Check out her latest single, Body on her Facebook page and on Spotify.

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Freeky's Latest Singles

A Fusion of "Freeky" Flavors Hits the U.S.A.
Freeky’s new singles, “Icecream Man,” and “Take My Breath Away,” showcase his reggae-based blend of soul, pop, hip-hop, and dancehall.
A sweeping triumph and bound to cross over into the mainstream airwaves.
JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, APRIL 20th, 2018 - The U.S.A. is about to get a taste of two tantalizing tracks from rising South African reggae and pop artist Olihile Afrika better known as “Freeky.” His two latest singles are “You Take My Breath Away” and “Icecream Man.” The songs showcase Olihile’s inherent ability to blend soul, hip-hop, and dancehall into a reggae-based style with crossover appeal. One could call these tunes a fusion of “Freeky” flavors.
You Take My Breath Away” and “Icecream Man” are the first two songs to release fromFreeky’s upcoming sophomore album release. The new project is a follow-up to his successful 2015 full-length Love Stories offering. Freeky explains the two self-penned compositions, “As always, I leave room for the listener to interpret my compositions. I want to tap into the listener's circumstance at the time.
Freeky’s latest offerings stem from a musical development that began in early childhood and the many years he’s spent working within a multitude of genres. In 2006, as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Freeky joined the legendary band Ntjapedi. Along the way, Freeky has performed with such A-List African acts as Salif Keita and Bongo Riot as well as recorded with the likes ofSizzla and Leftside
The uplifting, pop and reggae-infused ballad, “You Take My Breath Away,” has been well received by both radio and critics in South Africa - as well as in the U.K.- where it's called, “... no ordinary reggae song,” by Niche Records. The second offering, “Icecream Man,” with its upbeat, hip-hop and funky feel gives insight into how Freeky’s songwriting skill set can instantly morph into a new musical mode.
Since 2007 Freeky has spent almost a decade honing his solo career and pushing the creative envelope of his reggae style. Now in 2018, along with the help of his indie label, Dreaded Sounds a whole new side of the world is about to taste the “Freeky,” funky flavors of “Icecream Man” and “You Take My Breath Away.”

Robin Mabunda
Tel: +27 76 674 3210

Friday, June 8, 2018

Michael Seuss - Ashes (Single)

Michael Seuss is an American Hip Hop Artist-Songwriter from Orlando Florida. He is a member of the Rap collective Dior Sentai. Michael is currently working on an album scheduled to be released during the end of 2018. At a young age Michael excelled in Music and Art after having an interest in both subjects. At the age of six his cousin had introduced him to Hip Hop, Michael has often said in earlier interviews this was probably one of the defining moments of his life. Listening to the classics such as "Illmatic", “Ready To Die”, and “The Score”. 

In the middle of 2013 he was picked up by the underground Hip Hop label 5am Records after dropping a series of Mixtapes that would do well locally, and opening for King Chip (At the time named Chip Tha Ripper). The label enjoyed local and regional success. In the summer of 2015, Michael formed Square-One Records, LLC. with former label head of 5am Records and best friend Wyatt Alexander. After a brief period of soul searching he now has his sights set on showing the world exactly what he’s capable of, embarking on a journey to make a name for himself and others in his camp.

Watch his latest video clip for his single Ashes on youtube

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

2A at the Playground - Tr@x (Album Release)

Tr@X is the fourth work of 2A at the Playground, a multifaceted project involving various independent musicians and producers. It's a 14-tracks album touching different musical genres, from hip-hop to alternative. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes starting May 21st. All the revenues will be donated to the World Food Programme's 'Sharethemeal' project.

Pre-Order now on iTunes:

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Laice - Monster ft Olivia Cella

Boston, MA (May 25th, 2018) - LAICE has released a confident new single, “Monster”. The song, which follows on the heels of her debut single “Independence” and features YouTube sensation Olivia Cella, is an impassioned reclamation of time and energy wasted on a relationship that has gone south. 16-year-old Laice’s self-assured vocal is immediately striking as she flits between graceful runs and chopped vocal hooks, while a rippling mid-tempo track grooves along in the background. “Monster” not only showcases Laice’s versatility as a singer, but also paints a picture of Laice’s departure from a toxic relationship, relaying an inspiring message for young girls.

“This song is about having confidence in yourself,” says Laice. “I wrote ‘Monster’ to help me overcome the feeling of leaving behind a really bad relationship where I was constantly getting hurt, and to encourage other girls to know their worth and stand up for themselves when they are mistreated.”

Raised in Massachusetts, the young artist and songwriter delivers R&B-tinged-Pop music with power and nuance well beyond her years. Laice joins forces on her sophomore single with producer @GrammyDavisJr, whose airy dancehall-infused track complements the force behind Laice’s dynamic delivery. “Monster” simultaneously shows off the strength of Laice’s vocal range and melodic sensibility and reflects the personal strength she imbues into her music in the hopes of positively influencing young women.

From an even younger age, Laice has set out to follow in the footsteps of her female role models in the music world. With her second single, she is well on her way, drawing inspiration from vocal powerhouses like BeyoncĂ© and Sia and crafting songs with soaring hooks that would fit Rihanna. “Monster” is just a glimmer of what the future has in store for this young talent, with more music on the way later this year.