Tuesday, May 8, 2018

PROMO // Erick Blu - Took The Words (Remix)

For those of you who also enjoy a bit of the more mainstream electronica sounds, you will certainly love this pop blend from New York-based artist, Erick Blu, with his latest release, 'Took The Words' Featuring Robyn Regan & Borkung Hrangkhawl.

'Took The Words' is an emotional and uplifting pop tune that will have you hitting repeat and singing along in no time. With a smooth, chill trap style instrumental layered with guitar strumming and powerful vocal performances, 'Took The Words' has every element needed to be a sure hit, uniting a laidback vibe with enough energy to groove to. Be sure to stream this crossover gem, or on your favorite platform, and sing loud!

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Erick Blu - Took The Words
Erick Blu - Took The Words Remix

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Took The Words
Took The Words Remix

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