Friday, August 10, 2018

B-Bless - King Of Hearts EP

B-Bless is a 2x Emmy award winner, and was co-signed by Snoop Dogg by being featured as the number one artist on Snoop's Underground Heat. If the movie " Coming to America" had a sequel, it would be based on this rapper's life. B-Bless was born and raised in Queens,NY and is a son of an African King. Hence naming his albums with Royal titles. Being a son of a King, B-Bless had tough to shoes to fill and has always been trying to find his own identity. B-Bless wants to prove everyone wrong about his decision about marching to the beat of his own drum! 

2x Emmy Award Winner B-Bless returns with his EP the King of Hearts. An audio movie about all the aspects of Love.

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