Monday, January 28, 2019

Dustystep - Laid Back

Dustystep aka Max Vega, is a Russian Bass and Huture House DJ and producer. He combines club music with elements of different musical genres to create his own particular style, which ranges from emotional and sensual to exciting and euphoric. Thanks to his non-stop attitude, Max is constantly in the studio, scooping up elements and inspired from various genres of music, to create his own clean and memorable sound. He always seeks to experiment and to explore and improve his methods: 'I do not want my music to be like the rest. I want to continue to develop, experiment and introduce strong elements and continue to look for new sounds.' 

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Vovich ft. Sexy Girl – Don’t Break My Heart (Remix Contest Winners)

Remix contest winners of Don’t Break My Heart by Vovich & Sexy Girl. Over 400 entries!  From Deep House to Future and Electro House. Listen on Soundcloud

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dante - From Mexico to Tokyo

Formerly known as DIABLO, US native DANTÉ has been working very hard in the studio to improve on his production skills and get the creativity flowing. Releasing tons of remixes and mashups every month since the start of the year, DANTÉ has been showing off his production skills on his Soundcloud page while also gaining some followers along the way. DANTÉ says he is ready to take it to the next level in the new year with tons of new stuff coming.

With personal Latin, Spanish and Italian roots, he showcases each of these in his brand new single ‘From Mexico To Tokyo’. The ethnic guitar strings fill up the break down and bring those ethnic vibes to the fore front. Before you have time to think about it, the build up comes and you find yourself with tons of anticipation built. The drop hits with massive kicks and soaring synths which send the energy levels through the roof. This main stage anthem is perfect for festival dance floors around the world.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Vovich feat. Sexy Girl - Sexy Boy

Vovich returns to Club Restricted Records with a powerful Future House Track.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mama Cleo - Shop

SHOP is an electro-funk song about having a shopping addiction! This is the perfect song to play on the dance floor,
in stores, or while you're getting ready to go out and have some fun.
Put your heels on, get your cards out, and be ready to dance with the best of them. If this fresh Pop
song is not on your playlist yet, than please take it in consideration.

Mama Cleo is an LA-based eccentric electro-pop-funk artist who writes and produces
magnetic songs about unique subjects. She explores the phenomenas of bipolar disorder and the coming of age of adolescents
in her current and upcoming music. Mama Cleo is on a mission to make the world dance, question and change culture,
and encourage her â??babiesâ? to become the weirdest and best versions of themselves.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Trazmo - Moving On

Born in Lyon, France, in 1989, Amaury Lacroix A.K.A Trazmo is a talented artist. He started music very young by attending Conservatory. At the age of 9 he followed his family to Asia and only got back into music at the age of 15. As a child he was influenced by the music his parents listened to. He later showed a lot of interest in HipHop and Electronic music. He started creating his own music in 2009. 

He overcame a serious accident at the age of 18 and his relationship with music began to grow into something mystical. For over 10 years, music was the only way he could express his feelings. This being the only way for him to really communicate with the world, it sparked an ever-growing desire for creation.

Trazmo has explored other musical styles as a composer such as House music, Future Bass, Psytrance, Dubstep. In 2017 he created his Soundcloud account and chose to explore the Tropical House music genre. In one year he has collected over 100,000 streams on his different tracks. Trazmo is currently being noticed by artists and producers and his music is shared by many fans from all over the world making his dream come true: make people dance and let them enjoy!

His latest single « Moving on » is getting a lot of momentum. He is currently working on an EP and wishes to create a warm univers in his music to send good vibes to every fan and listener out there.

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Ships in the Night - Myriologues

With ethereal vocals floating effortlessly over electronic waves of synth and drum machines , Ships in The Night is atmospheric, haunting and electrifying...

Ships In The Night is songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alethea Leventhal. Known for her electrifying mix of haunting, dark electronic and ethereal, ambient lullabies, Ships In The Night's magnetic sound pulls from dreams, memories and echoes from the outer world to paint an atmospheric landscape with sweeping waves of synths and kinetic beats.
Ships In The Night's latest album, Myriologues, (defined as "an improvised funeral song, sung by a woman on the death of a friend") received international attention as "celestial dream-pop," and "atmospheric darkwave" and sent Leventhal on a European tour in the summer of 2017. Myriologues was a full-length follow-up to 2015's self-titled EP and 2016's split, Wire & Light.
Ships In The Night has been linked with the genres of witch house, synthwave and dream pop. She sites the soundtrack of Twin Peaks, Kate Bush, and 80s acts like Depeche Mode as influences on her sound and performance.
“True to its name, Ships in the Night makes music best heard after midnight. Meditative and carefully paced, Charlottesville-based Alethea Leventhal's sky is filled with Mazzy Stars viewed from Brian Eno’s music for airports. The subtle lilting beauties of “Winter to Come” and “Piece by Piece” from its debut, self-titled EP, feature Leventhal’s breathy contemplations over washes of keyboard, synth and drum machine arrangements.” -Style Weekly
"Ships In the Night doesn’t only wear her heart on her sleeve… she inflates it to near bursting and waves it from a flag pole. She wants you to hear her darkness, and it’s clear from the first instant." -Indie Berlin

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Scafidi Sounds - Hunger (Remix) feat. Kelsey

Scafidi Sounds presents a powerful EDM/POP track featuring Kelsey on vocals.

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Ducx - Right Now (Club Restricted Deep)

Adapting to a different world wasn't easy but with every challenge that arose, a new talent turned into a strength. Humble beginnings with a strong work ethic is why DUCX won't shy away from any challenge or fear adversity. With his first release ever, DUCX is mixing some dry sounds altogether to create a monster club track.
Label: Club Restricted Deep
Release Date: Dec 14 2018

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Wes Richmond - Eight Stories High EP (Club Restricted Deep)

Wes Richmond aka AY (Abdul Yousuf) was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where he currently resides. His work is strongly influenced by earlier trance and later progressive house tracks - his influences include Eric Prydz, Deadmau5, Paul Van Dyk, Nick Chicane, and Boards of Canada. His sound is described as a mix of melodic motifs with hard driving rhythms. AY began his music production career in 2016 and he is releasing his first EP called 'Eight Stories High', containing 5 melodic progressive house tracks.

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Early Le Doc - Huh Huh (Club Restricted Deep)

Style: Brazilian Bass/ G House / Deep House

Early Le Doc is not new in the music scene. He has been producing music for a long time and has released originals and remixes on many labels such as Digital Empire Records, TRXX,  Pop Rox Music, NumberOneBeats, Snap! Music, System Recordings, Muziek Colours, Housevisions, Silvernoise Digital, OTB Records, and of course Club Restricted Records. With several top 10 and top 1 trackitdown releases, his tracks are supported by famous djs and played on radios all around the world. Winner of 2 remix competitions (Johnny Gerontakis & Jason McKnight's All Night released on d2e records (Greece) and Ingrit Gjoni's Hajde Sonte released on Studio 2D (Albania). As far as his dj career is considered, he has played in many major events in Greece and Albania. With his latest single, Huh Huh, Le Doc is delivering some brazilian deep house vibes that are sure to destroy the dancefloor. Out on October 19th on Club Restricted Records and Club Restricted Deep.Make sure you keep an eye on this talented guy ;)

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