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Club Restricted Records and Club Restricted Deep

“Tracks that are restricted to Clubs”
Free Music Promotion through our database of over 50.000 contacts including djs, producers, radios, blogs, magazines.
Genres: House, Progressive House, Electro House.... We don't set a limit to the genres. If the track has the right groove it will get signed!
Artists: Niels Van Gogh, Eric Tyrell, Jonathan Pitch, Bosco & Brando, Tune Brothers, Eyedentity, Damien N-Drix, The Riberaz, Aron Scott, Steve Kid, Tomaas All, Sunloverz, Early Le Doc, Leterna, The Groover, Dave Mladi, Cedric Lass, D-Upside, Antunez, Cristian Muscas, Thomas Gas, Nom4d, Le Cube etc etc

Demo submission: clubrestricted@gmail.com

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